Collaborative Divorce

Our Mission
The purpose of CDRP is to promote the use of the collaborative process in all aspects of dispute resolution by educating the public, ensuring the highest standards of collaborative practice, supporting our members and the broader collaborative community, and providing service to the community. Click here to meet our members.
Contemplating separation and divorce elicits not only feelings of pain and regret about the loss of the relationship and family, but also anxiety about financial security, custody issues, and the stress and expense of a protracted battle with a spouse and his or her attorney, especially if the case may go to litigation. The collaborative process provides a different way to separate and divorce, providing a mutually respectful way to resolve all issues with the assistance of lawyers and a team of collaborative professionals as appropriate. Everyone works together in a cooperative rather than an adversarial process, with the promise of all participants that they will provide all information and documents required for full disclosure and that they will resolve the issues without going to court.

Collaborative process is different from both mediation and litigation. To understand the differences, see FAQ's. Collaborative Dispute Resolution Professionals, Inc. (CDRP) is dedicated to:

  • Education
    Educating the public, the legal community, and the judicial community about the benefits of the collaborative process, not only in family law but in all situations where litigation can be replaced by this model of non-adversarial conflict resolution
  • Training
    Training and improving the collaborative skills of professionals practicing collaborative dispute resolution
  • Availability
    Making high quality collaborative services available to all who will benefit from the process.

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